McDonald’s is known not only for being the biggest Fast Food Chain in the world, but also for being able to adapt to the market and evolve through the years, creating new amazing products and experiences for its customers. With this brand new app, McDonald’s is once more evolving and getting closer to its customers.

From now on, customers can have McDonald's in their own hands. We developed for McDonald’s a simple and very intuitive app that allow customers to find not only the whole list of products from McDonald's but also to search for their favorite restaurants by location or opening hours. Additionally, customers can also enjoy their favorite meals for less money by using the McDonald’s Coupons available on the app. It’s amazing how easy it is - everything that customers want just one click away.

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McDonald’s has millions of customers everyday and is one of the world’s most recognized brands.


McDonald's is a global system with high standards of quality and expresses itself as cohesive strong brand through their marketing campaigns and communication. It centers optimism, accessibility, pleasure and fun.


Authentic and welcoming, McDonald’s is acknowledged globally for the consistency of the food and fun experience

Our goal was to improve the experience of the app respecting the brand’s universal identity and engaging the customers


Through a shared effort we helped McDonald's relaunch their existing app. We carefully designed the wireframes system adapted to iOS and Android and created a fluid navigation, shifting the true McDonald's experience to a digital medium.


This new version of the app has a great new feature that will please all McDonald’s fans. Just open the app in the cupons area and show it at the store for immediate discounts.


Easily swipe through all McDonald’s stores, get to know the available services and navigate to it with just one click.
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